In today’s digital age, technology is continually updating and shaping the way we live our everyday lives. One of the most significant shifts technological advances have made over the years is within the healthcare industry. This includes aspects such as healthcare informatics, healthcare, and medical technology, as well as telemedicine. With so many new findings, there’s no end to where technology will take us in the realm of healthcare.

In seeing such trends and the importance of healthcare technology, many different companies want to get in on the action and make waves for patient care all around the world. Not only does this help create more affordable and accessible medical care but it also gives way to get medical care to people who don’t have proper access to it.

As previously mentioned, big companies all around the world are looking for ways they can aid in better healthcare for all. One of the companies who is looking to do so is Amazon. If you’re either in the healthcare industry or know about different privacy acts associated with healthcare, you probably have heard the term, HIPAA. HIPAA is the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 that has been put into place in healthcare facilities all over the world.

Amazon has been working on a voice app for the Alexa Skills Kit and recently announced that they were releasing a small number of them. This Skills Kit was developed in tandem with companies such as the Boston Children’s Hospital and Cigna. These skills will assist health professionals in sending updates as well as know when medications have been delivered.

Healthcare companies are developing an Alexa Skills Kit with each region and each company offering specific opportunities that will be available for their particular skill kit. Some of which include, being able to schedule appointments on the same day as well as letting people check their most recent blood sugar readings. Any companies who are interested in doing so must apply and receive an invite for the Alexa program.

Another one of the more significant options for the future of utilizing voice apps for HIPAA compliant technology is health care providers will someday be able to use them in order to record healthcare information and records, and patients can use them to receive information about their own healthcare records. This makes for a very exciting time for medical technology, Amazon, and medical facilities all around the world.