With new technological advances come new ways of performing duties and everyday jobs. This is most important in regards to the healthcare industry. Healthcare is built on technology and technological advances in order to create the best care possible for the public. Whether you are in the healthcare industry or have received medical care, you know the advances that have come with healthcare informatics and new healthcare technology. The advancements have been able to create better patient care across facilities all over the world.

One of the most significant additions to the healthcare world is patient portals. In Healthcare informatics, patient portals give medical professionals the ability to keep all medical records and information online for patients to utilize and share with other physicians and medical facilities. Patients are able to connect directly with medical professionals and keep a better handle on their health.

This type of technology is starting to make its way to different regions all over the world. Medical facilities in Scotland have recently rolled out something very similar to the patient portal, called the “care portal.” This allows medical records to be shared all across the north in Scotland. The Scottish government has begun working on its newest strategy in healthcare, called the eHealth Strategy.

With the new eHealth Strategy being utilized in Scotland, the government wants to make sure they can create the best patient care by sharing information in one central health record among the rest of the NHS boards, depending on where patients need to go for their care. Creating one system to house medical records streamlines the process of sharing valuable information in order to develop the best care possible for patients.

In the US, right now many medical facilities are using new healthcare technology to create portals to communicate with patients and house all essential medical records. Utilization of new technology gives way to the best possible care that can be provided in the healthcare industry. At this point, many hospitals in the US  have created their own portal that is conducive to their facilities. A great way to move into the future would be to take a note from countries around the world, adopting a centralized portal to share across each medical facility.