As we are very much aware, new technology has the power to change the future and outcomes in healthcare drastically. Although this is for the betterment of overall healthcare and improving quality and safety for patients, it’s important to understand some of the possible issues and concerns that can arise within new healthcare technology. Artificial Intelligence, specifically Machine Learning, is a technological aspect making its way into the healthcare industry. The results are promising, but there are still some concerns with  morality in machine learning within healthcare.

Many professionals agree that there are just some things humans will always be able to do better than machines. It’s important in that when we build AI and utilize machine learning in healthcare, that we require ethics and morality to be used in development and implementation. Because AI technology is currently being developed to assist in collecting data and streamlining the way medical research and medical practice is being done, it’s essential that quality practices are carried through.

Even though there are quite a few issues or concerns that arise in utilizing machine learning in the healthcare industry, addressing them now and building the system based on morality is the way we can ensure to create a better future for tech in healthcare. Ethical practices have to be taken into consideration when designing an algorithm for the healthcare industry, carefully considering the possible twists, turns, and outcomes of this process.

The best way to tackle these concerns, making sure morality is at the helm, is to educate physicians on how machine learning works. This way they understand exactly how this type of technology works, how it differs from artificial intelligence and what the limitations are within machine learning. Physicians will need to work very closely with the designers of these healthcare algorithms to develop standards to use within the clinical decision process.

Since there are so many stipulations still surrounding clinical machine learning, the process and design will continue to be developed and discussed. This helps to ensure the best practices are being decided upon before being rolled out. Machine learning, when used correctly and with careful consideration, can potentially alter the course for quality diagnosis in healthcare. Through continued evaluation and collaboration, machine learning can work to create a more efficient healthcare system based on morality.