​​With advances in medical technology, people with diabetes are now able to enjoy an active lifestyle. It is now possible for them to travel more easily and safely as they can be screened before departure and monitored while traveling. 

However, there are some important points that everyone – diabetic or not – should follow when traveling for an extended period of time. 

See Your Doctor Before You Go

Before you leave for your trip, it’s important to consult with your doctor before you leave. They can give you tips, extra medications, and important documentation you may need while getting through airport security and other checkpoints.

Make sure that you get a note from your doctor detailing exactly what you need to treat your diabetes. You’ll need this note, along with prescriptions, to verify your condition.

Keep Essentials with You

You should always keep your medications and treatment essentials, such as syringes, insulin, and blood or urine testing supplies, in your carry-on bag. It may be tempting to pack them in your checked luggage to avoid dealing with airport security, but you may need them during your flight. 

Along with medical essentials, you’re going to need your ID and diabetes identification card.

Be sure to also pack snacks to help regulate your blood sugar levels throughout the flight. These include crackers, cheese, peanut butter, fruit, and juice boxes. Make sure they’re packed in an airtight container, as you may not be allowed to bring them on board otherwise.

Getting Through Airport Security

It’s safe to put your insulin pump, glucose meter, and insulin through the X-ray machine, but you can ask to have your bags hand-searched if you prefer. Make sure that all of your supplies have the original packaging, with clearly printed and legible prescriptions. Your doctor’s note may come in handy at this stage as well. 

Check and Maintain Blood Sugar

Your body doesn’t stop when you board an airplane, so make sure that you check and maintain your blood sugar levels as normal during your flight. 

Stay Hydrated

Traveling takes a toll on the body without you even realizing it, so be mindful enough to drink plenty of water.