Although medical cannabis has been legalized in many states, there are still some common questions that prospective patients have about this treatment plan. Because of the bad rep that this treatment can get, many individuals have naturally come to have reservations about it. It is good to have concerns over any new medical practice you are going to partake in. The following questions and answers will likely warm you up to the idea of using medical cannabis for healing.

Is Medical Cannabis Safe?

The most common question people seem to have about medical cannabis is whether or not it is safe. This question has been debated for many years, and although there are still studies to be done in certain areas, it has been deemed safe by many medical professionals as long as it is done in moderation. As with any other drug, there is a possibility of developing an addiction. Overuse and abuse of this substance can lead to addiction and other negative outcomes, but only consuming what has been prescribed by a doctor will help in treating the overall issue. 

What Are Some Ways to Consume Medical Cannabis?

Medical cannabis can be “consumed” in a variety of ways. Though many people recognize inhalation as the most common method, it can also be consumed as an edible or with a tincture under the tongue. One other popular way is to apply it through a topical application. There are many creams, lotions, lip balms, and more that have medical cannabis infused into them as a healing property. These topical products have been shown to help immensely with healing itchy patches and other problem areas, and they have no critical safety concerns associated with them at all.

Is Cannabis Legal for Medical Purposes?

While medical cannabis is becoming more legalized across the board, not every state has jumped on the bandwagon as of yet. The majority of states have made it legal to use for medical purposes, but as of the end of 2021, it is still fully illegal in up to four states. On the federal level, it is still illegal. Therefore, don’t expect to fly with medical cannabis in your carry-on any time soon. 

If your workplace does regular drug tests, there may also be some complications that arise from using it. Even if your state legalizes it and you have a valid reason to use medical cannabis, certain buildings may not permit this substance to be brought inside, such as government buildings/workers.