As technology advances year after year, the healthcare industry gets even better for patients. New tech devices help improve patients’ well-being and overall health. From new pacemakers, UV sensors, and even advanced airbags, technology for the healthcare industry continues to bring in revolutionary innovations:

Peanut Allergy Sensor

A peanut allergy is one of the most common and deadly allergies a person can have. Even if someone has their EpiPen at the ready, just the tiniest bit of exposure could be catastrophic. With the help of new and innovative technology, there is now a handheld peanut allergy sensor for people to use. When eating out, all someone has to do is place a small amount of food into the sensor and close it. It only takes a couple of minutes to determine if the food contains peanuts. If it doesn’t, a smile will appear.

Weight Loss Headset

Many people struggle with losing weight. Over the years, there have been many gadgets released in the hopes of helping people combat this struggle. Today, there is a weight loss headset that has a greater chance of helping someone lose weight. The headset, created by Modius Health, works by placing the device of your head and attaching electrode pads behind your ears. Once it’s on, the user opens up the Modius app to send electrical signals to the brain on one of 10 settings. According to Modius, the currents stimulate the hypothalamus which will alter the “set point” of your body mass, leading to weight loss.

Innovative Fertility Tracker

Some women have difficulties with fertility. Although there are traditional ways of tracking fertility, technology could help more women have successful pregnancies. A lot goes into tracking fertility, which artificial intelligence (AI) could better track. A fertility monitor called EarlySense Precept tracks a woman’s respiration and heart rate. The device is placed under the mattress for three months and better’s a woman’s chance of pregnancy.

Advanced Airbags the Elderly

The older we get, the more fragile our bones become. Age makes falling even more dangerous. The young can easily get up and brush it off, but the older generation can face serious injuries, especially in the hips. A new device, Hip’Air, snaps on like a belt or fanny pack. The device features an electronic fall detection device and is equipped with two lateral airbags. It only takes seconds to detect if the wearer is falling and will detonate the airbags instantly. These airbags will absorb the impact of the fall and protect the elderly from a great hip injury. 

(Another resource for dedicated to technology that specifically benefits senior citizens is The GateWay guide for “Smart Tech for Seniors.” If you’re interested in tech for the elderly, it is a worthwhile site to check out.)

Virtual Reality Gym

A traditional gym has been the tried and true method to weight loss over the years. Nowadays, the gym is becoming much more advanced with the help of virtual reality. Black Box Gym is a virtual reality (VR) gym where gym-goers are given VR headsets that guide users through a full-body workout as they compete against other “players”. The gym is set to be open later this year and will revolutionize weight loss experience.