While technology continues to progress and advance, it is beginning to shift the ways of life. There are many benefits to advanced technology such as blockchain, which many industries are taking advantage of. The healthcare industry, in particular, will see a massive change due to the advantages of blockchain. Because every individual patient has their own unique medical background and extensive medical records, blockchain can be the key to easily accessing these records and giving patients better care:

Better Care for Patients

There have been many times in the past that a patient was not given the correct diagnosis or medical care they needed because their doctor couldn’t access their medical records. By using blockchain, a patient’s medical records can be easily accessible. Not only will they be easily accessible, but the patient will have complete control of them. There are healthcare blockchain platforms available to patients, such as Medicalchain, to give patients real-time access to their medical records and streamline the process of assembling large data sets for medical research.

Everything in Real-time

In the healthcare industry, time is the most valuable this to a patient and their medical provider. There are some medical conditions and diseases that feed off too much time being wasted. With the help of blockchain technology, medical information and records can be accessed in hours rather than days. By keeping health records on a central database, AI will be able to spot an outbreak while it is happening. This will help keep an outbreak under as much control as possible and potentially save lives.

Organizing Medication

In some economies, there is an issue of losing track of medication. Sometimes medications can be switched out with fakes which will do patients seeking medical attention no good at all. Using blockchain to organize and keep track of medicine helps to put this to a stop. Blockchain is able to follow the medication from the time that it is made to when it reaches the consumer. It can also be used to keep track of every medication the patient has taken in the past and others they are taking now. This will allows doctors to not prescribe medication that may have a negative interaction with other medications they’re taking.

As blockchain becomes the ultimate solution in the healthcare industry, it will continue to advance. The healthcare industry will see more blockchain platforms integrating and improving the medical field. Although many of the ideas for blockchain are still in the early stages, it will change and better the healthcare industry.